Soy Drink Residue

Soy Drink

The increasing demands for alternative “milk” drinks, such as soy drink, shows a need for a reliable and sensitive test for the detection of soy drink in other products.

The ELISA Systems Soy Drink Protein Residue test kit utilizes a protein marker which is stable throughout the processing treatments used to produce soy drinks. This makes the kit ideal as an indicator of soy drink protein.


Intended Use

The ELISA Systems Soy Drink Protein Residue assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that is specifically designed to screen appropriate foods and environmental surfaces for the presence of Soy Drink. It may also be suitable for the detection of other soy products. Samples that have been subjected to prolonged high temperatures and pressure treatments (such as canning operations), hydrolysis or fermentation may not be suitable for analysis using this test kit. Please discuss this with your ELISA Systems representative regarding the suitability of this kit for those types of samples.


Kit Controls Supplied

0.0ppm, 1.0ppm, 2.5ppm, 5ppm, 10.0ppm Soy Protein

Time for testing an extracted sample is approximately 40 minutes