Processed Egg

Processed Egg 


The detection of egg protein is a particular challenge as it is often found in heat-processed foods such as baked goods, pastries, noodles and pasta. The extraction procedures in most commercial egg assays are often not able to efficiently detect egg protein from these sources.  This can lead to a severe underestimation of egg levels present in a food sample or, even worse, a false negative result. Importantly such foods may still trigger an allergic response in an egg allergic consumer which can have serious implications.


The ELISA Systems Processed Egg assay, ESEGGPR-48, combines the use of a novel new extraction method in combination with a simple test protocol to allow the rapid detection of both native and processed egg residue.  The kit is not just easy to use, it also provides exemplary results for the detection of egg. This novel extraction method was developed by our talented Senior Scientist and is exclusive to ELISA Systems. The new Processed Egg detection assay offers the widest matrix applicability while still retaining assay simplicity which provides a valuable tool for allergen management in the food industry.


Intended Use


The ELISA Systems Processed Egg assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that has been specifically designed for the detection of processed egg. This assay is a rapid and reliable test that significantly reduces the time required to screen food and environmental samples for the presence of processed egg residues in cooked/processed foods.


Kit Controls Supplied


0.0ppm, 1.0ppm, 2.5ppm, 5.0ppm, 10ppm Egg Powder

Time for testing an extracted sample is approximately 40 minutes