Peanuts are a major cause of food allergies both in children and adults and can induce anaphylactic shock. In recent years, peanut allergens have been identified and characterised. The protein Ara h2  has been the focus of much attention.

Because of its allergenic and heat stable properties, Ara h2  was chosen as the target protein, for the ELISA SYSTEMS Peanut Residue ELISA.


Intended Use


The ELISA SYSTEMS Peanut Residue assay is a rapid enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that may be used to screen food products and environmental samples for the presence of Peanut material caused by cross-contamination with Peanut products and residues containing Peanut.


Standards Supplied

0.0ppm, 0.25ppm, 0.50ppm, 1.00ppm and 2.50 ppm Peanut Protein

Time required for testing an extracted sample: Approximately 35 minutes.