The ELISA Systems Oat Protein Detection kit specifically detects oat avenins allowing quantitative detection of oat gluten, therefore fulfilling a much-needed role in the gluten analysis of food.


The absence of cross-reactivity with other gluten prolamins ensures the assay is also complementary with existing gluten assays to facilitate the complete quantitative monitoring of gluten-containing cereals.

Product Code; ESOAT-48


Intended Use


The ELISA Systems Oat Protein Residue assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that is designed to both qualitatively and quantitatively asses raw and cooked foods, nutritional supplements and environmental samples for the presence of oat protein.


For the detection of other prolamins and gluten residues derived from wheat, barley and rye our ELISA Systems Gluten assay is more suitable. Please discuss this further with your ELISA Systems Representative.


Kit Controls Supplied


2.5ppm, 5.0ppm, 12.5ppm, 25.0ppm


Time required for testing an extracted sample: Approximately 70 minutes.

Results are expressed in terms of ppm Oat Protein.

Please note: the diluent solution supplied in the kit is used for the negative control.