Almond Drink Residue

Almond Drink


Almonds belong to a group of foods commonly referred to as “tree nuts”. In recent years there has been rise in popularity of alternative plant based drinks derived from tree nuts such as almonds. These drinks are a major source of concern for those consumers with tree nut allergies. With different types of alternative “milk” drinks being produced in the same facilities, there is the potential for cross contamination of ingredients. This can lead to the accidental inclusion of these ingredients which may not be declared on the ingredients list, putting the consumer at risk as well as increasing the potential for a recall.


Intended Use

The ELISA Systems Almond Drink Residue assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that has been specifically designed for the detection of almond drink in other milk or liquid products. This assay is a rapid and reliable test that significantly reduces the time required to screen food and environmental samples for the presence of almond drink residues.


Kit Controls Supplied


0.0ppm, 0.4ppm, 1.0ppm, 2.0ppm, 4.0ppm Almond Drink Protein

Time for testing an extracted sample is approximately 30 minutes