*Oat Assay* Completes Gluten Analysis Puzzle

*Oat Assay* Completes Gluten Analysis Puzzle

10:07 12 March in Uncategorized

Although a variety of immunoassays have been developed that allow for the detection and quantitation of wheat, rye and barley prolamins, there has not been a kit available for oat prolamins until now.

The ELISA Systems Oat Protein Detection kit specifically detects oat avenins allowing quantitative detection of oat gluten, therefore fulfilling a much-needed role in the gluten analysis of food.  The absence of cross-reactivity with other gluten prolamins ensures the assay is also complementary with existing gluten assays to facilitate the complete quantitative monitoring of gluten-containing cereals.

Our ELISA Systems Oat kit is the final kit needed for you to complete your gluten testing puzzle!

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Lisa Sherry