*NEW Improvement For Lupin*

*NEW Improvement For Lupin*

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The new and improved ELISA Systems ESLUP-48 kit has been developed to replace the ESLFP-48 kit which was first released in 2009. The new ESLUP-48 kit has been designed to use a standard range of 2.5 – 25.0 ppm lupin flour protein which more accurately reflects the VITAL Reference Dose for lupin (2.6 mg lupin protein) than the ESLFP-48 kit. The lower sensitivity still allows for a sample size of over 1kg compared with the VITAL Reference Dose. Decreasing the sensitivity of the assay allows for a decreased assay time, but importantly significantly decreases the potential for false positives giving customers more confidence in their results and fewer repeated assays.


The new ESLUP-48 assay is suitable for use with a wide range of samples. Good recoveries were seen from a variety of foods spiked with lupin protein, including cake mix, biscuit, and simmer sauce.


Based on current sales, we estimate there will be 3 months of the current ESLFP-48 before we switch over to the new and improved ESLUP-48. There will not be a price increase so you can continue to purchase the new kit for the same price as the existing version.


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Lisa Sherry