A New Generation of Gluten Testing has Arrived!

A New Generation of Gluten Testing has Arrived!

10:20 19 December in Product



Gluten testing has reached new heights and the team at ELISA Systems can’t wait to share our new kit with you.


The detection of deamidated gluten has always had limitations, until now. Our new Generation 3 Gluten Residue Detection kit shows superior performance for the detection of both native AND deamidated gluten so you can release your gluten free products with greater confidence. Our 2D4 antibody also shows equivalent performance, or better, when compared to the R5 antibody.


In addition, the team have made sure you can still perform this advanced test on the bench in your laboratory. No need to manage or handle dangerous fumes unlike some other extraction solutions on the market.


We have validation packages ready to go, as well as a published paper to back up our claims, so contact us today if you would like to know more.


Order code: ESGLT3-48


Lisa Sherry